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Onset of Hybrid Culture @ CIDC

Read Time 5 mins | Written by: Vinoth Sudaroli, Srini Ganesan, CIDC HR Team

During the onset of COVID-19, the unprecedented pandemic, the working culture at ConcertIDC shifted. Employees could no longer come to the office, and there was a significant change in how companies had to collaborate and communicate effectively. The adaptation of employees globally, but especially at ConcertIDC, has shown incredible resilience.  

Before the pandemic, we were entangled in the daily grind, a regimented schedule brimming with alarms and snoozes, rushed morning routines, monotony of traffic, everyday hustle in office elevators, and so forth. The pandemic brought on an era of working from home. While with this came the comforts of our home, it also manifested in chaos, from attending client calls to creating charts and reports. Working from home always kept our hands full, even overflowing most of the time. Feeling overwhelmed and relaxed simultaneously was a confused state of mind experienced by all.   

ConcertIDC has arrived at a moment where we wanted to pause things and streamline workflow. So, we have begun to implement and build a hybrid work environment.  

We are not in a rush to pull people back into the workplace, but we have set the track, and it is gaining momentum.   

From being confined to the comforts of home to progressing towards a liberating, supportive hybrid workplace, ConcertIDC has exhibited tremendous acceptance of the CHANGE we all looked forward to. Returning to the office facilitates shared intellect, enhanced productivity, seamless communication, in-person collaboration, and much celebration.   

The initial step to define this shift to a hybrid work environment was to move to a new physical workspace. This space reflects the comforts of our home but displays the professionalism and dedication of ConcertIDC at the same time. The office greets employees daily with hot coffee, comfortable workspace, and recreational game zones. The new office also boasts a cafeteria with delectable foods for breakfast, lunch, and evening snacks—a one-stop place to meet, greet, contribute, and rejoice.   

We at ConcertIDC believe in being flexible. We motivate our employees to work from the office in such a fashion that it facilitates better work-life balance. Be it beating the traffic in the morning or enjoying family TV time in the evening, we leave it to our employees to schedule their day.  

Employees living locally were called upon first, followed by employees within the state on a rotational basis. In consultation with their team members, project managers chalked out an amicable roster plan for all of them. The highlight is we let our employees choose the day they prefer to work.    

Working from the office has enabled employees to attach faces to the names they have been using for a long time. Being in person has made the team's outreach for responses quicker. Team coordination and internal communications have improved. In-person conversations foster learning as interactions go beyond project/domain-related topics.   

The hours spent on online calls have drastically decreased. Communication gaps like missing information and misinterpretations are almost eliminated due to the physical presence of employees. Quick and straightforward discussions, group interactions, and one man's question answering many minds have saved time, which has led to increased productivity. Availability of resources and quicker responses have helped maintain the TAT. Also, the Project Managers can address the requirements/issues immediately. Working in groups under the same roof has ensured the best results while still being hybrid, allowing flexibility for our employees to establish a healthy work-life balance.   

The transition from a remote to a hybrid culture has often downplayed the significance of social interaction, which is now emerging as a catalyst for positive transformation. This discussion centers on the importance of socializing. Many employees likely faced diverse challenges and losses during the pandemic, and returning to physical office spaces can play a pivotal role in gradually alleviating any lingering melancholy.   

Collaborative in-person workplaces have undeniably enhanced our employees' mental well-being. Consequently, a strong sense of mutual support, motivation, positivity, and security is organically spreading among all team members. With emotionally and mentally resilient employees, our organization's potential knows no bounds. This is a promising indicator for our future.  

Although it will take a little bit of time to get back entirely on track, the vigor and vitality we possess in unison will make us march toward the vision and mission of ConcertIDC. 

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Vinoth Sudaroli, Srini Ganesan, CIDC HR Team