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Navigating the Client Journey at ConcertIDC

Read Time 4 mins | Written by: Brandon Barker

Each client's journey is distinct in the intricate world of custom software development, yet they all navigate through a process designed to cultivate success and innovation. At ConcertIDC, we've refined a client lifecycle that champions strong partnerships, ensuring projects begin on a solid foundation and continue to evolve and succeed long after deployment. Drawing from experience and a recent conversation with a client, I'm here to unfold the stages of engagement at ConcertIDC, highlighting our approach to turning ideas into tangible, successful software solutions.

Stage 1: Prototyping & Discovery

Stage 1 in each client's lifecycle looks different depending on what you bring to us. If you bring us an idea and nothing more, we will likely engage in a prototyping phase. However, if you come to us with existing wireframes, we will need to dive in and figure out where to go with what you have. This would mean engaging in a discovery phase.


It all starts with an idea, unrefined but brimming with potential. During this phase, we channel that potential, guiding your concept toward a structured plan ready for development. Over 4 to 6 weeks, for a clear investment of $15,000, we engage in a tailored process involving:

  • A US-based Product Manager as your guide, supported by an architect, a Business Analyst, and a UI/UX designer, will turn your idea into a prototype that's a blueprint of your dream, much like an architect designs a dream home.
  • Weekly collaborative sessions to ensure alignment and adaptability.
  • Delivering a Business Requirements Document (BRD), Architecture Design Document (ADD), technical plan, and a clickable, nonfunctioning prototype—your idea's first tangible form.

This stage is more than an initial step; it's a foundation for trust and a testament to our capabilities, setting the groundwork for deeper engagement. This stage can lead to MVP Development immediately, or you can take the time with your prototype to find investors, do more research, refine your client base, etc.

This stage enables you to move forward down whatever path suits your business needs, and ConcertIDC is proud to provide something tangible to help you figure out your next steps.


This is the first step for our clients who come to us with an existing product. Whether it be a prototype or code dating back to the 90s, here we dissect what you give us to assess the present status of your designs, framework, and business model, aiming to understand and evaluate the current state of your vision thoroughly. Like the prototyping phase, this phase is critical for a successful transition to the development stage, providing valuable insights and a clear roadmap for the project. On average, this phase lasts 2-3 weeks, during which we engage in a tailored process involving:

  • Delivering a Business Requirements Document (BRD), Architecture Design Document (ADD), and a technical plan.
  • Delivering a Proposal for Subsequent SoW Development detailing an estimated timeline and cost for developing and launching the Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Stage 2: MVP Development

Transitioning from concept to creation, the "MVP Development" phase is where visions are brought to life. Here, the focus shifts to developing a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that is not only scalable and robust but also market-ready. The length of this phase is different from client to client, as with each project, there will be unique differences in team makeup, cost breakdown, etc.

Through the Agile development methodology, in this phase, we ensure that:

  • Cross-functional teams of developers, testers, designers, and product owners collaborate to promote innovation and address challenges from multiple perspectives.
  • Iterative development breaks down the project into sprints, allowing continuous feedback and refinement.
  • Continuous integration and delivery practices streamline development, enabling quick and reliable delivery of updates and enhancements.
  • Customer collaboration remains paramount, with feedback sought at every stage to ensure solutions that meet and exceed expectations.

We partner with a collective goal of crafting solutions ready to face the dynamic challenges of the market.

Throughout this stage, you will work with everyone from our CEO to a QA Test Engineer to the sales team. We make it a priority to be committed to your project in the same way you are. Throughout this stage, you will engage in weekly calls with your team to ensure we are providing you with exactly what you want and need.

Stage 3: Managed Services

Software's journey ends with its launch; the digital landscape demands continuous adaptation, maintenance, and enhancement. Our "Managed Services" phase is designed to ensure that your software doesn't just survive but thrives. With every project, we engage in a run phase that parallels the services you get when engaging in a managed services contract with ConcertIDC. A managed services contract goes beyond the limitations of a run phase, enabling us to be your long-term software partner and be committed to the maintenance and improvement of your product.

Offering different levels of service, from basic maintenance to full-scale IT infrastructure management, we tailor our services to meet various needs and budgets, including:

  • Level One: Essential maintenance to keep the software running smoothly.
  • Level Two: Incremental feature improvements and updates.
  • Level Three: Comprehensive IT infrastructure management, becoming your outsourced IT team.

This phase solidifies our partnership, transitioning us from a service provider to a strategic IT ally, deeply invested in your success.

The ConcertIDC Difference

What sets ConcertIDC apart is our technical expertise and commitment to nurturing and understanding our clients' evolving needs. From the earliest concept sketches to the continuous enhancement of deployed software, we're there at every step, ensuring that your vision is realized, your software is impactful, and your business is set for growth.

Between each of the stages listed above, we take the time to ensure we know what you need moving forward. We then work with you to come up with a solution that works with your business and builds our partnership.

The client lifecycle at ConcertIDC is a journey of mutual growth, innovation, and success. Our structured yet adaptable approach allows us to customize our services for each client, ensuring their vision is brought to life most effectively. As technology and market demands evolve, so do we, but our core commitment to our clients' success remains steadfast.

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