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Bringing Visionary Ideas to Life: The ConcertIDC Approach

Read Time 2 mins | Written by: Brandon Barker

Hello, Brandon Barker here, Chief Revenue Officer of ConcertIDC. As someone who has been at the intersection of business and technology throughout my career, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of turning visionary ideas into tangible realities. For entrepreneurs and business magnates with groundbreaking software concepts, the journey from an idea to a fully functioning product can be riddled with complexities. This is where we, at ConcertIDC, make the difference.

Crafting Software Solutions from Raw Concepts - Concepts scribbled on napkins or fleeting thoughts have immense potential. Our role is to guide you in channeling that potential in the right direction. With your idea and our experience, a partnership just makes sense. The Prototyping Phase of our development process is specifically designed to transform your innovative idea into a well-structured plan, ripe for development. 

Demystifying Our Prototyping Phase 

1. Duration: Tailored engagements lasting 4 to 6 weeks, flexibly designed around your vision's intricacies.

2. The Team: Work closely with our US-based Product Manager, your guiding light. Supported by a robust team consisting of an architect, a Business Analyst, and a UI/UX maestro, ensuring your concept is sculpted perfectly. 

3. Continuous Collaboration: Weekly interactions with the team ensure consistent feedback and alignment.

4. Deliverables:

  • Business Requirements Document (BRD): A detailed document encapsulating the essence of your vision.
  • Architecture Design Document (ADD): An architect's visualization of the technical foundation. 
  • Clickable Non-functioning Prototype: Think of it as sitting inside a high-end Ferrari – visually perfect but not yet ready to drive. It's a glimpse of what is to come, allowing you to understand and feel your software even before it's functional. 
5. Investment: The entire phase is structured at $15,000, split for your convenience with half upfront and half on delivery.

Why This Matters

Upon concluding this phase, what you have in your hands is more than just documents and prototypes. It's the blueprint of your dream. Much like having an architect craft the design for your dream home, you are getting a meticulously planned vision of your software. This enables you to move forward with a practical outline, and a deep understanding of what we can do for and with you to bring your idea to life.

Why Partner with ConcertIDC? 

It is not just about what we deliver, but how we deliver it. Our process is tailor-made to understand, resonate, and align with your vision. Our commitment to transparency ensures you're with us every step of the journey. Our transparency and integrity have been noted by our clients, and we can promise to deliver that for you as well.

If you are holding onto a software vision, ConcertIDC’s Prototyping Phase is your compass, ensuring you traverse the journey from dream to reality with precision, clarity, and stability.  

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Let's make a difference together!
Brandon Barker