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Resource Library

Looking for development help but aren't sure where to start? We are here to help. Our software development resources include articles and examples crafted with your success in mind.


Resource Library

We are here to help you along your software development journey. Our resource library is full of articles and examples crafted with your success in mind.


Success Stories



Fido Security

Securing Birmingham: Fido's Mission for Transparent Security Solutions

Fido Security was born out of a desire to help individuals and companies who need private security. Because security is ambulatory, utilizing an app allows security personnel and customers to constantly have the resources they need at their fingertips. With ConcertIDc, Fido has built an app that helps individuals and businesses find qualified and reliable security...



Pioneering Effortless Healthcare Communication

Practicing physicians have long struggled with slow, incomplete, and often inefficient communication. Vital Engine was created to transform the way physicians work by addressing the communication issues facing healthcare providers and patients alike. With ConcertIDC, VitalEngine has developed an innovative software streamlining communication, optimizing workflow, and supporting the creation of healthcare collaboration networks...

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Glover's Scorebooks

Glover's Gameplan: Redefining Sports Management with ConcertIDC

In 1971, Tom Glover started Glover’s Scorebooks. As a former baseball coach, he was dissatisfied with the existing scorebooks and wanted a better solution. When Frazier Sports purchased Glover’s in 2020, they were producing multiple types of print scorebooks. Frazier wanted to jump into the tech space with an app that digitized how players, coaches, and fans track stats and organize. To bring this vision to life, Glover’s partnered with ConcertIDC.



Unlocking Industry Connections

FreightRunner, in collaboration with ConcertIDC, created a platform that connects shippers directly with hotshot haulers. The objective was to eliminate intermediaries and provide 24/7 access to a reliable network of shippers and carriers across various industries. They sought to revolutionize the hotshot trucking landscape, providing cost savings and increased profitability for both shippers and carriers.

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