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Uncorking Success: How WineView Aims to Transform Wine Lists and Training with ConcertIDC

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The Challenge

When the founders of WineView initially set out to create an application, like many entrepreneurs, the idea was completely different from what it is now. They initially set out to be a grocery store-focused technology but quickly realized the business model didn’t work and the margins weren’t there. So, they pivoted to what they felt was a more significant pain point: the restaurant space.  

The goal was to create an interactive wine list for guests and, the more niche component, curated wine training. The founders of WineView found that there wasn’t a solution for restaurants that just wanted to train their staff on their wine program.     

WineView launched with Toast, their POS partner, in January of this year. By March, it was evident that their system could not scale, not even with more than 20 users. WineView was able to stabilize, but they realized they needed a solid team to help them. This realization brought them to ConcertIDC.  

When WineView came to ConcertIDC, they had a laundry list of things they needed to tackle, so first, they had to determine where to start. The decision was to do a 2.0 launch instead of trying to salvage what they came with. 

"I’ve been very impressed with our stateside CPMs and our project manager over in India. My biggest fear going into this was the constant back-and-forth revision, which is where a lot of time is spent in my experience, but having the CPM stateside and CIDC’s process overall has been tremendously smooth. When a decision comes to my desk for review, it is actually a decision I need to make.”

wineview_cover-1Gary Campbell
Co-Founder and CEO

The Solution

Since starting 5-6 weeks ago, ConcertIDC has worked with WineView to rebuild the front end of the iPad app after overhauling designs. WineView’s 2.0. launch will take place at the end of this year or the start of next year and will include the first principal component, the interactive wine list.   

The first phase of this partnership has focused on resolving frontend issues like app non-loading and login problems, as well as building out the interactive wine list within WineView’s already functioning application to offer customers a unique experience, allowing them to purchase wine fitting both their pallet and their meal.  

This phase has prioritized design and user experience to allow for specificity with the approach to development and in pursuit of solving the problems WineView was experiencing.

Technology Used:

Application type 

Tech stack 

Project tools 

Type: Mobile (Tablet) 

Platform: iOS/Android 

ReactNative, Toast  Jira, BitBucket, Azure, SumoLogic, Figma

Product Description

WineView is a mobile application that helps restaurants train their staff and educate customers about wine pairings. This, in turn, increases wine sales and improves the diner’s experience.  

They have three main differentiators:   

  • WineView is the only wine software that syncs with Toast, one of the largest restaurant POS providers.  
  • WineView is the only product that provides curated wine training. Their training is based on four areas: their varietals, regions, pairings, and Wine 101.   
  • Most importantly, WineView is set to be the first genuinely all-in-one alcohol program solution.   

"I’ve had so many nightmares when designing anything, even just basic graphics. But the designs themselves were just so quality, I had very few edits to make, and we are closing customers on them. I cannot stress that enough; you know you’ve got a kick-ass design team when you can close people just based on wireframes. I never thought our product would be able to do that, and we were able to do that.”

wineview_cover-1Gary Campbell
Co-Founder and CEO

The Results

By the time WineView is done working with ConcertIDC, they will be the first true all-in-one solution for restaurants. This will include the interactive wine list ConcertIDC is already building, an expansion into spirits, liquors, cocktails, and beers, an inventory component, and their curated wine training.  

This application is poised to help customers/diners with essential food and wine pairing information and to help drive wine sales for restaurants. With WineView 2.0 launching in the near future, ConcertIDC is excited to continue our partnership with WineView and bring its vision to life. 


Client: Gary Campbell
Industry: Restaurant/Wine Information
Reach: 20+ US States
Solution Highlights:

  • Overhauled UI/UX Design
  • Improved front end functionality