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Pioneering Effortless Healthcare Communication


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The Challenge

Practicing physicians have long struggled with slow, incomplete, and often inefficient communication. While practicing, founder Dr. Philip Johnson witnessed daily how this type of communication could be detrimental to patient care. There have been attempts across the healthcare industry to address the issues faced by disparate digitized systems, but communication was still not streamlined how it needed to be.  

The objective of VitalEngine was to address the communication issues facing healthcare providers and patients alike. The system needed to address the issues of security when handling/sharing patient data, the inefficiency of using multiple different software and programs, the challenge of managing workflow of complex procedures for various patients, lost communication between specialists, PCPs, and other medical providers, and a lack of timely access to medical images.  

Vital Engine was created to transform the way physicians work completely. Their mission is to “advance efficient access to quality medical care, thereby improving the lives of healthcare professionals and patients.” This mission is accomplished with innovative software streamlining communication, optimizing workflow, and supporting the creation of healthcare collaboration networks.

The Solution

VitalEngine has partnered with ConcertIDC since 2015 to build their one-of-a-kind solution. We have created a scalable, responsive, and streamlined solution for the healthcare industry with a team of personnel from both companies. VitalEngine is a first-of-its-kind software that eliminates chronic communication issues disrupting patient care.

VitalEngine addresses multiple communication inefficiencies within the healthcare system and targets them specifically with a cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant, and user-friendly solution. The application is easily accessible for specialists, administrators, referring physicians, and patients so everyone relevant to a patient’s care can collaborate.   

Compliant with DICOM, HIPAA, and HL7 standards, VitalEngine is a protected and secure application fostering better communication for patients and doctors alike. 

The solution streamlines the referral process, improving the quality and speed of patient care. VitalEngine’s system allows medical images to be shared within minutes, replacing outdated methods of sharing patient information. The system enables you to build your own referral network, fostering strong relationships with collaborative partners.   

Patients can use VitalEngine to be more active in their care by granting them easy access to their charts, telemedicine, images, records, and contact information for their physicians. This access for patients enabled them to become more informed about their care.

Overall, VitalEngine addresses many issues with its solution by expanding collaboration, increasing efficiency, empowering patients, and simplifying telemedicine. 

Technology Used:

Application type 

Tech stack 

Project tools 

Type: Web, Desktop, Mobile

AWS (Amazon Web Services) 

Frontend - AngularJS, JavaScript, jQuery, ReactJS, Bootstrap, Ant Design, Electron

Backend - Spring Boot, Java, Python, .NET

Database - MySQL AWS

Jira, NGINX, Twilio IVR, Slack, CircleCl, Nagios VPN Monitoring, Confluence, SonarQube, Sumo Logic, Teleport, Mailtrap, Documo

Test Automation: Selenium 

Product Description

VitalEngine is browser and app-based, accessible from any computer, tablet, or smartphone. The software eliminates multiple software logins, delivering a suite of innovative tools from one platform. Information arrives in real-time for immediate access. 

These innovative tools include: 

  • Referral Manager: Streamlines the process from the referring physician to a specialist and back to the referring physician.  
  • Image Exchange: A secure place to transmit medical records, patient notes, and DICOM images with a secure, HIPAA-compliant connection within minutes. 
  • Network Builder: Operates as a hub and spoke model with large hospital systems as hubs and spokes linking to outside clinics and practices. This feature allows you to build your network. 
  • VChat and VMail: A HIPAA-compliant place to securely share sensitive patient information by smartphone, tablet, or computer. 
  • VDrive: An easily accessible storage cloud-based storage solution to archive images and information in your VitalEngine account. 
  • VFax: An integrated fax server for secure electronic transmission from providers who fax patient data. 
  • Procedures: A place to facilitate the proper documentation of complex treatment plans. 
  • VitalPACS: This feature enables the ability to access and store every image from every patient. 
  • Whiteboards: A digital place to collaborate visually, with the assurance of having as many whiteboards as you need.  
  • Telemedicine: VitalEngine’s telemedicine creates a more “intuitive” experience with physician access to patient charts and images and text reminders sent to patients.  

There is also a patient app that allows users to advocate for themselves. This app includes the ability to share images and medical records directly with your physicians and clinics, a location with your medical history complete with dates and details, and contact information for all physicians on a patient’s care team. 

The VitalEngine product is designed with physicians and patients in mind, focusing on being user-friendly so that even the most non-technical person can benefit from their solution.

The Results

The business impact of VitalEngine within the healthcare industry has been massive. There is no shortage of examples of how this solution has enhanced communication and quality of care in multiple clinical settings.  These impacts to the industry include: 

  • Improving clinical outcomes: Introducing a system like VitalEngine to medical providers improves clinical outcomes by ensuring broad access to all collaborators and enhanced communication, preventing things from falling through the cracks.   
  • Faster and more accurate access to patient information: The quick and easy access VitalEngine provides to patient information like images, notes, or history makes it easier for physicians to treat their patients using the most up-to-date information. It also allows patients to be knowledgeable about their test results and treatment plans in a secure and accessible way.  
  • Improved patient education: With the patient app VitalEngine offers, patients can advocate for themselves in their care. Access to their treatment and diagnostic information, as well as the contact information for their physicians, enables them to be informed and participate.  
  • Increasing accessibility: There have been disparities in access to healthcare as long as the industry has existed, and VitalEngine’s solution helps to bridge this gap. Its user-friendly setup and easy access to resources allow people to get the care they need with the relevant information they need. 
  • Boosting efficiency: With all the above impacts on the healthcare industry, it is easy to discern how VitalEngine boosts efficiency. With workflow optimization, streamlined communication, and patient knowledge, healthcare providers can accurately and effectively care for their patients like never before. 

ConcertIDC’s partnership with VitalEngine has begun to revolutionize how physicians and patients communicate, creating a better and more effective pathway to quality care. This partnership has been fruitful in producing something that both VitalEngine and ConcertIDC can be proud of, recognizing the true impact of technology in the healthcare industry. 


Client: VitalEngine
Industry: Healthcare
Solution Highlights:

  • Streamlines communication
  • Improves efficiency
  • Time-saving and error-reduction
  • Collaboration capabilities
  • HIPAA-compliant