Case Study

Glover's Gameplan: Redefining Sports Management with ConcertIDC

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Athletics/Sports Management

The Challenge

In 1971, Tom Glover started Glover’s Scorebooks. As a former baseball coach, he was dissatisfied with the existing scorebooks and wanted a better solution. He designed his own and built his business from there, becoming one of the most trusted names in sports scorebooks and accessories for over 40 years.  

In 2020, Frazier Sports purchased Glover’s Scorebooks. When Frazier purchased Glover’s, they were producing multiple types of scorebooks from baseball to volleyball to lacrosse, but they were all printed. While they don’t foresee print scorebooks going anywhere, there will always be traditionalists, but they realized it was essential to capture the benefits of a technological solution.   

They wanted to jump into the tech space with an app that digitized how players, coaches, and fans track stats and organize. There was already another company doing a similar thing, but their solution was geared towards the fans, Glover’s wanted to focus on the coach.   

Because Glover’s is known for baseball, they wanted their app to start there, specifically, finding ways to innovate and improve how coaches manage their teams and stats.   

Glover’s new app needed to keep the coach in mind. It would aim to provide comprehensive and accessible information to help coaches improve their teams. The app would not be just a digital scorebook but a tool for progress tracking and performance analysis. To bring this vision to life, Glover’s partnered with ConcertIDC to develop a prototype. 

“I was nervous going in, trying to make sure I provided all the information that needed to be on the app, and I was just blown away by all the research ConcertIDC did... They did so much research, they did a fantastic job. So, I’m just completely happy with the way things have gone and the things [CIDC] has done.”

Image 3-18-24 at 1.45 PMTracy Saul                                                                                                               President, E.C. Frazier and Associates

The Solution

When Glover's came to ConcertIDC, they had many ideas floating around. During the prototype phase, we focused on research and providing a product that would encompass all the things Glover's wanted to see in its new app.   

With each check in, ConcertIDC delivered updates that the client requested as well as trying to be proactive and address the client's needs before they even knew them.   

ConcertIDC delivered Glover's prototype in July 2022.  

After receiving their clickable prototype, Glover's decided to move forward with ConcertIDC to deliver their fully functioning app in October 2022. The app, while mostly focused on coaches, also includes features for fans and players. As of January 2024, the app is on the app store, and ConcertIDC is working on additional features (including subscription pricing), which will be deployed to the live app soon. 


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Technology Used:

Application type 

Tech stack 

Project tools 

Type: Mobile 

Platform: AWS

Frontend: ReactNative, ReactJs 

Backend: NodeJs 

  • MongoDB 
  • Redis 
  • CloudFront 
  • Elemental Media Live 
  • WAF 
  • Sumologic 

Product Description

The mobile application ConcertIDC built manages and tracks multiple game scorebooks and enables coaches, fans, and players to have an all-in-one accessible system for game/team/stat management, communication, and live streaming.    

While the main priority while building the app was to provide comprehensive team management and scoring capabilities for coaches, there are several features with players, fans, and staff in mind. The apps features are tailored for the type of user you are and are as follows:   


  • Manage scorebooks  
  • Create and manage teams and staff  
  • Organize match events for teams  
  • Track game statistics, including pitch count, pitch type, pitch speed, batting roster, and other essential stats.  


  • View team schedule and updates  
  • Receive real-time notifications from coaches  
  • Track their statistics  


  • Fan management system – Enables fans to join teams and receive updates and match notifications. This system also provides fans with a place to interact with each other and share their thoughts.   
  • Live streaming capabilities and live scoring updates.  
  • View teams schedules  

The live streaming capabilities of Glover's Scorebook app allow staff members to capture a game and stream it directly from the app. The live-streaming feature also enhances the connectivity of fans and teams by allowing staff members to engage with the audience by providing text commentary.    

A super admin portal is built into the app featuring a dashboard, user lists, team lists, events, seasons, and subscription pricing/promo codes.    

The importance of these features is that they contribute to building a space within this app that ushers in a new era of sports management. Because of the community these features build between coaches, fans, players, and staff, teams can work faster and more collaboratively during games.    

The ability to quickly track statistics in the middle of the game, share insights with fans, and have one place to collect relevant information is beneficial in improving a team's overall operational efficiency and communication. 

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The Results

In January of 2024, Glover’s successfully initiated a soft launch, marking a significant milestone for the app. ConcertIDC is now diligently working to deliver more updates, while Glover’s has been actively gathering the valuable input of baseball coaches to further enhance the app's performance.   

The initial response to Glover's has been overwhelmingly positive, providing a strong foundation for the app’s future progress.   

While the app currently focuses on baseball, it holds potential for expansion into other sports. This growth trajectory mirrors the success story of Tom Glover's print scorebooks, instilling confidence in the app's future.   


Client: E.C. Frazier and Associates
Industry: Athletics/Sports Management
Solution Highlights:

  • Seamless live streaming integration 
  • Enhanced communication between fans, players, coaches, and staff 
  • Increased operational efficiency in managing statistics, schedules, teams, scores, and staff