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Healthcare Communication with Confidence

Read Time 1 mins | Written by: Brandon Barker

In the complex world of healthcare, fast and secure communication is essential. For the entire system to run smoothly, a wide variety of organizations—from hospitals and physicians to labs and insurance companies—must be able to communicate freely, without obstacles.

The problem is, healthcare organizations use a wide variety of different information systems, and interoperability between these systems can create problems. At the same time, delivery care models are changing, requiring healthcare organizations to work together like never before to deliver better care more affordably.

In this evolving environment, healthcare organizations need an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) system that offers easy interoperability between systems while allowing for future growth.

Built from the ground up for the healthcare Industry, the Armor Connect Engine (ACE) uses Mirth as its HL7 engine, which allows different systems to communicate with one another quickly and easily. Mirth allows simpler implementation between healthcare partners, works with any Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system and supports all necessary network protocols, from SMTP to JSM to TCP/LLP, as well as all message formats. It works seamlessly across multiple platforms and requires no extra investments in hardware.

With ACE, you can be certain that you have everything you need to communicate effectively with your healthcare partners—without the unnecessary complexity built into so many EDI systems. And since ACE uses modern healthcare standards and is updated regularly based on new CMS guidance, your system will always remain compliant, secure and dependable. Even ongoing maintenance is simplified by using the Mirth platform.

ACE not only allows you to “play nice” with other healthcare information systems. The versatility of Mirth makes ACE the perfect solution for new models of value-based care, which require tight coordination between providers and insurance companies to achieve the best outcomes. As providers and payers focus on proactive patient care and adopt new virtual technologies, EDI will become a more important component in delivering high-quality, affordable services across the continuum of care.

When you choose ACE, you get it all: easier interoperability today and the capacity for a greater volume of communication tomorrow.

Beyond that, ACE is more affordable than other systems. You can get an estimate of your annual EDI expenditures in seconds with the online ACE calculator.

Get an estimate of your annual EDI expenditures in seconds

Brandon Barker