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Concert IDC is Born. And Opportunity is Unleashed.

Read Time 2 mins | Written by: Debra Hays

Cue the fireworks and sound the trumpets. ConcertCare and International Development Connection have officially merged to become Concert IDC!

If you’re a client of ConcertCare or IDC, you may be wondering about the reasons for the merger. And if you’re just now hearing about us, you might be curious about why we’re joining forces and moving forward as one.

Long story short: We —Debra Hays and Brandon Barker—first met in 2019 while our two companies were sharing development resources on a few projects. In January 2020, when we were in India for a tech event, we were finally able to meet face-to-face, sit down without distractions, and have a serious conversation. We were both surprised by how complementary our skill sets were, and discussed the possibility of working together on a bigger project one day.

That opportunity came in July 2020, when we began to jointly develop VirtuOwl, a smarter and safer way for students and tutors to find one another and learn together online. IDC created the intuitive, front-end programming, while ConcertCare provided a highly secure videoconferencing system that’s used by doctors around the world.

As we worked in tandem, each of us began to realize the possibilities that could be available by continuing to pool our resources. We both clearly saw the tremendous value, efficiency and leverage that could be achieved by becoming a single company.

Now, it’s happened.

As of January 2022, we’ve become Concert IDC. We believe the merging of our companies makes us more than twice as strong as we were as separate businesses. We’re significantly bolstering our capabilities—minimizing any weaknesses and improving our strengths while presenting an even more robust menu of capabilities to our clients. We’ll also continue to be a valuable conduit between U.S. entrepreneurs with disruptive software ideas and the best development resources on the planet. Our proven process streamlines communication, ensures that project milestones stay on track, and ultimately leads to remarkable results.

Debra is the operations and administrative mastermind of the company with a long list of business achievements. She has more than 25 years of management experience— over 20 in the IT space alone. That’s why she’s the obvious choice to serve as chief executive officer of Concert IDC.

Brandon’s skills and strengths are in boosting sales, driving marketing efforts, and generating big ideas. He’ll serve as the chief revenue officer of Concert IDC, as well as the president of our technology incubator, the Concert IDC Ink Tank.

To everyone who has made this union possible, you have our heartfelt thanks. We’re so excited about this new company and this boundless opportunity—for ourselves, our employees, and our clients. We can’t wait to take this journey of success with you.

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Ready to tackle your next software project?

Debra Hays

Chief Executive Officer